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Non-IPC Training

NVQ-only courses

We also offer a range of ‘NVQ-only’ courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

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Alongside our IPC training courses, we also specialise in teaching non-IPC training courses to expand your knowledge of working safely and to a high standard.

Most environments within the electronic manufacturing sector can be up-skilled. All we need to know is the nature of your concern and we can collaborate with you to provide the necessary skills match to suit your needs. We work to your timetable and will provide our training course at a time that suits you and minimises the disruption of your manufacturing programme.

The non-IPC training courses we provide include:

Business Improvement Techniques

We offer 1 and 2 day workshops supporting the introduction of Lean Six Sigma techniques into your workplace, including practical exercises that demonstrate and reinforce the concepts being discussed. We can tailor this training to your specific needs in most cases.

Hand soldering skills for leaded and unleaded solders

Our soldering courses can be devised around your particular company needs and abilities of candidates presented for training. A suggested syllabus of this kind can take up to one working day. In order to give the best advantage to the students, classes should not be made up of more than four individuals.

Training non-scientific staff

In order to fulfil the needs of the school curriculum, many schools have non-scientifically trained staff supporting students through GCSE and Diploma courses. We have been supporting such schools by training non-scientific staff to a level of competence needed to enable them to deliver electronics training and soldering courses with confidence.

Maths for Engineers

We offer a range of Maths courses from Level 1 to Level 5 for those wishing to upskill their level of numeracy and also can prepare and run refresher and/or bridging courses for those who may be preparing to tackle higher level Maths  .. please contact us through the website and we can discuss your needs.

Test and repair skills on surface mounted and through hole technologies

Great care must be taken to ensure that candidates have sufficient background knowledge to assimilate these courses. Prior assessments include colour perception skills and levels of literacy and numeracy.

There are some individuals whose place in the manufacturing process is sometimes overlooked. These would include store persons, dispatchers and purchase officers. However such courses have full compliance with practices which contribute to the well-being of the product.

We have devised a training course in the identification and handling of components to ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum and stricter controls for goods inwards are applied.

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